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The Ihara R730 Colour Reflection Densitometer is a sophisticated QC tool. It has all of the measuring functions possible with a densitometer for full analysis of process work.

  • Ihara Densitometer Model R730Low cost - you won't find better value

  • Portable - battery powered

  • Lightweight & compact

  • Really easy to use - on screen guidance

  • Fast measurements - less than 1 second

  • Accurate and repeatable

  • Automatic colour recognition

Measuring Functions:

  • Density - up to 2.5D

  • Density difference

  • Dot Area

  • Dot Gain

  • Auto-Function

  • Trap

  • Print Contrast

  • Hue Error

  • Greyness

  • Saturation

  • Cast

  • Brightness

  • Dot Analysis

For a sophisticated densitometer with every possible function for measuring process work, then you need the Ihara R730 - you won't find better value or a more accurate instrument! Simple operation means it is still fine for basic press control, but the extra features will help you detect and sort out just about anything that can possibly go wrong!

Not only does the R730 allows you to measure tints, and enable you to achieve a consistent ink densities on press, but the wide range of measuring functions available is ideal for QC departments, as well as sorting out printing problems.

  • Top Performance & Reliability  Made in Japan by Ihara Electronic Industries, the R730 has proven reliability and accuracy.

  • Menu Driven Commands  Simply select the required functions from the on-screen menu - you won't ever need to read a manual. Clear and precise instructions for every measurement are displayed on the large LCD screen.

  • Help Key  Displays explanations for all measuring functions, along with answers to FAQs.

  • Quick Calibration  Recalibrate the unit in seconds.

  • Auto Function  Automatically measures density or dot gain.

  • Printer & Computer Interface  Configurable RS 232 serial interface provided for connecting to a PC or printer.

  • Fully Portable  Rechargeable batteries provide up to 4,000 readings before recharging.

  • Plate Reading  Optimized function for checking control strip tints on plates - available at small extra cost.

  • Filter/Aperture Options  Standard models supplied with Status T filters, 3 mm aperture and polarized. Manufacturer's options available for Status E filters, 1.7 mm aperture and no polarization.


  • Measurement Functions  Density, Density Difference, Dot Area (Murray-Davies or Yule-Nielsen), Dot Gain, Auto-Function, Trap (Brunner, Preucil or Newsprint), Print Contrast, Hue Error, Greyness, Saturation, Cast, Brightness, Dot Analysis (print characteristic curve)

  • Filter Response  Status T (standard), Status E (Manufacturing option)

  • Measuring Geometry  0/45º (ANSI PH2.17, ISO 5/4, DIN 16356)

  • Measuring Range  Density 0.00D - 2.50D, Dot Area 0% - 100%

  • Repeatability  ±0.01D

  • Accuracy  ±0.02D

  • Light Source  Halogen Lamp (Approx. 2856K)

  • Aperture Diameter  3.00mm (standard), 1.7mm (manufacturing option)

  • Detector  GaAsP Photodiode

  • Display  128 x 64 Dot Graphic LCD

  • Power Supply  Ni-Cad (4.8V), 800mAh

  • Recharge Time  Approx. 1.5 hours

  • Measurements per Charge  Approx. 4,000

  • Warm Up Time  None

  • Measuring Time  1 second (Max.)

  • Operating Temperature Range  5ºC - 40ºC

  • Polarization Filter  Included (standard), None (Manufacturing option)

  • Dimensions  72mm (W) x 50mm (H) x 210mm (L)

  • Weight  0.53kg

  • Computer/Printer Output  Configurable RS-232C Serial Interface

  • Standard Accessories  Operating Manual/Calibration Standard/AC Adaptor (9V, 500mA)/ Carry Case

To see the range of functions available in the range, please refer to the Selection Chart.  Also, bear in mind that units with less features than the R730 can always be upgraded later if required.

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