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The Ihara S900 Spectrophotometer is a small, lightweight portable unit, designed for easy operation and high precision for a variety of functions.

  • Ihara Spectrophotometer 

Model S900Portable - small & lightweight

  • Battery Powered

  • Optics: 0/45º

  • Measuring Range: 400-700nm

  • Measuring Interval: 10nm

  • High Precision: ΔE*ab < 0.05

  • Easy to use - on screen guidance

  • Variety of Functions

  • Graphical Display

  • IR Communication Port

  • Attractively Priced

Measuring Functions:

  • Spectral Reflectance

  • Chromaticity

  • Colour Difference

  • Densitometer Functions

This is a top quality Spectrophotometer with outstanding accuracy, suitable for a wide range of colour measuring applications as well as applications in graphic arts.

  • Top Performance & Reliability  Made in Japan by Ihara Electronic Industries, the S900 has proven reliability and accuracy.

  • Fully Portable  Small & lightweight unit - battery powered.

  • Easy Operation  Menu based screens, assistance function, 'Help' key.

  • High Precision  Repeatability ΔE*ab < 0.05.

  • Variety of Functions  Spectral reflectance, Chromaticity (XYZ, L*a*b*, etc.), Colour Difference ΔE*ab, ΔECMC, (ΔE*94, etc.) and Densitometer Functions.

  • Graphics LCD  Large LCD enables display of spectral data.

  • User Friendly  Left or right hand display option, sound control.

  • Quick Calibration  Recalibrate the unit in seconds.

  • Printer & Computer Interface  Infrared communication port (IrDA) plus RS 232C serial interface provided.


  • Measuring Geometry  0/45º Double Beam Optical Filter System

  • Light Source  Halogen Lamp (Approx. 2856K)

  • Detector  Photodiode

  • Spectral Measurements  Interference Filter (Bandwidth 14nm)

  • Spectral Range  400-700nm

  • Spectral Interval  Measurement: 20nm, Output: 10nm

  • Aperture Diameter  10mm (standard), 3mm, 2mm

  • Illuminants  A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F12

  • Standard Observers  2º, 10º

  • Repeatability  ΔE*ab < 0.05 (10mm aperture, standard deviation for 20 measurements of white board)

  • Measurement Time  Approx. 2 seconds

  • Spectral Measurement Functions  Spectral Data (Values/Graphs), XYZ, Yxy, L*a*b*, L*C*h*, L8u*v*, Hunter Lab, Whiteness, YI, MI, Density, Pass/Fail Function, sRGB, ΔXYZ, ΔYxy, ΔL*a*b*, ΔL*C*h*, ΔL8u*v*, ΔHunter Lab, ΔWhiteness, ΔYI, ΔDensity.

  • Colour Difference  ΔE*ab, ΔECMC, ΔE*94, ΔE*uv, ΔE*Hunter, ΔE*EMC2.

  • Measurement Averaging  Possible

  • Data Storage  Up to 400

  • Reference Colours  Up to 40 (key entry or stored data)

  • Density Measurement Functions  Density, Density Difference, Dot Area, Dot Gain, Auto-Function, Trap, Print Contrast, Hue Error, Greyness, Saturation, Cast, Brightness, Dot Analysis, Plate Dot Area

  • Densitometer Filter Responses  ISO Status T, E, A, I DIN: Wide, Narrow

  • Display  128 x 64 Dot Graphic LCD

  • Display View  Left or Right Handed

  • Contrast Adjustment  Installed

  • Power Supply  Ni-Cad (4.8V), 800mAh

  • AC Adaptor  9V, 500mA, Centre Negative

  • Recharge Time  Approx. 1.5 hours

  • Measurements per Charge  Approx. 1,000

  • Battery Status  Displayed on screen

  • Sound Control  Possible

  • Warm Up Time  None

  • Auto Power Off  4 options

  • Operating Temperature Range  5ºC - 40ºC

  • Communications Ports  Infrared communication, RS 232C serial interface

  • Dimensions  212mm(L) x 77mm(W) x 84mm(H)

  • Weight  0.77kg (including batteries)

  • Temperature Sensor  Built in, prompts for recalibration if the temperature changes

  • Standard Accessories  Operating Manual/Calibration Standard/Zero Cap/AC Adaptor/ Carry Case

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