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PANTONE® Formula Scales - Some notes for guidance

The PANTONE Formula Scales are an ideal way for printers to achieve high standards of colour quality. They provide an easy means of weighing out inks to match PANTONE Colours to the exact PANTONE Formulas, so the colour match will usually be correct without any further adjustment. Moreover, the colour can be achieved consistently.

Many printers will also be registered under an ISO 9002 Quality Standard. In this context, the use of the PANTONE Formula Scales will be part of the specified working practices of the company.  However, it should be appreciated that the use of the scales to match a PANTONE Colour does not guarantee that the colour will be correct (for example, the type of paper used may affect the final appearance of the printed piece). Hence, there should always be a colour quality approval procedure in place to check the final printed work. This will usually take the form of a visual check of the final colour against the original PANTONE Colour using defined lighting conditions, such as those provided by White Screen Colour Viewing Cabinets.

The PANTONE Formula Scales contain no moving parts, and do not need regular servicing. However, where used as part of the specified working practices of a company registered under ISO 9002, the operation of the PANTONE Formula Scales will need to be checked on a regular basis, at least once per year. This could be achieved by returning the scales to Cherlyn Electronics Limited (the manufacturers) or their agents, for testing and certification.

Alternatively, as the scales are not used as the final measure of the colour quality, it should be sufficient for companies to carry out the tests themselves.  Aspects of the operation of the PANTONE Formula Scales to be checked to ensure they are working correctly are as follows:-

Displays  Operation of the display can be checked during the start-up sequence, immediately after the scale is switched on.

Keyboard  Function of all of the keys can easily be tested. Confirmation of key operation will be seen by corresponding changes to the numerical displays or indicators.

Stored Formulas  The stored formulae are checked during the start-up sequence. If an error is detected, then an error message will be displayed and it will not be possible to continue with normal use of the scales.

Weighing Accuracy  This can be checked in weighing mode, by putting a series of known weights onto the scale and recording the indicated weights. For example, to test a 5kg capacity scale, 5 weights each of 1kg could be used to record the indicated weights at 1kg intervals from 1kg to 5kgs. The weights used should be of known accuracy. The weight indicated by the scale should be within the maximum allowed tolerance of the scales with an allowance for the tolerance of the weights used.

Please note: This information is believed to be correct and is provided in good faith. No responsibility can be accepted by Cherlyn Electronics Limited nor by Pantone LLC in the event of any costs incurred or losses resulting from following these guidance notes.

The PANTONE Formula Scales - proven to be the best way to mix up PANTONE Colours.

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