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coated, uncoated setThe name PANTONE is synonymous with colour. PANTONE Colour references are used worldwide whenever it is necessary to specify an accurate colour.

It started over 40 years ago, with the introduction of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM. Many hundreds of colours were accurately printed and published in a colour guide - the PANTONE Formula Guide. This was accepted by just about every printing ink company, and so became the de-facto colour standard worldwide. This extended into design aids, like Letraset pens and papers, and more recently into design software, where just about every package includes PANTONE Colours.

Each PANTONE Colour in the guide is identified with a unique PANTONE Number, and the formula provided for mixing inks to match the colour from a small number of PANTONE Base inks. By weighing out the formula carefully, for example using the PANTONE Formula Scales, an accurate colour match can be achieved.

This still forms the basis of the current system, but it has grown to meet modern day demands and to take advantage of technical developments. Over the years, the number of colours has been increased from the original 480 to well over 1100, as people's awareness of more subtle shades has developed. Also, the contemporary papers used today are brighter and whiter. The latest guides are now 20% larger, so you get a bigger printed colour area for easier reference and comparison with samples!

PANTONE Color Cue 2The range of PANTONE Publications has also been greatly extended. It now includes PANTONE Metallic and Pastel Colours, a range of PANTONE identified process colours, specialist publications showing simulations of PANTONE Solid Colours in Process etc. together with colour systems developed for use with Plastics, Paints and Fabrics. In addition, there are a number of supporting hardware products.

One of the latest developments is the PANTONE Color Cue 2, a small, low cost instrument that can identify almost any colour sample and show you the nearest PANTONE Colour, from both the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM and PANTONE Fashion & Home / Paint & Interiors colour ranges.

The range and variety of PANTONE Publications has expanded over the years, and Pantone now have many specialist publications. While it is still essential to have a printed colour reference, nearly all artwork is now produced on computer, and Pantone offer a range of software products to support the colours found in their publications.

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