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At Cherlyn we carefully check and test all our products during manufacture.  It is extremely rare for us to have any faulty equipment returned under warranty.  We are very proud of the quality standard we achieve with all the products we supply.


Supplier performance and quality is reviewed on an ongoing basis and our manufacture, R&D and QC are all involved as appropriate in material sourcing decisions.

Goods Received

The procedures for receiving and checking goods are documented.  All goods received are inspected and any rejected items documented, clearly identified and isolated.  Corrective action is taken or the goods returned to supplier, and action to prevent reoccurrence taken. Rejection history information is included as part of the procurement process.


All our products are clearly labeled in order to trace and identify materials, and all major components also logged.  We in-process check our manufacturing at Critical Control Points [CCP’s] to documented quality standards.  No product can pass a CCP without achieving the documented quality standard and the results recorded.  Rigorous final product testing is completed before the product is assigned “Finished Product” status.  The completion date of all finished product is logged.  Our manufacturing processes are documented and our procedures are reviewed as appropriate.

Revision Control

All major components are logged as part of our manufacturing process.  Where a change in source or nature of major component occurs this is clearly identified in our manufacturing and product logging documentation.  Any phased out materials are clearly identified and isolated.


Test and measurement equipment is calibrated on a scheduled basis against National or other appropriate standards.

Bought in Goods For Resale

All goods bought in for resale are inspected and the date of delivery logged.  Where appropriate, products are also uniquely identified and individually logged.


All our storage facilities are suitable for the nature of goods stored in them.


All orders received are fully documented and delivery and invoice documentation carries appropriate order information.


We can supply proof of delivery for orders when requested, with a completed copy of the delivery note.

Customer Complaints / Returns

We have a formal system for dealing with customer complaints and returns.

Environmental Impact

Our production processes are reviewed to ensure that they are environmentally appropriate.

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