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Cherlyn Electronics Limited has been established for over 30 years. It is a leading supplier both of colour control products for the printing and graphic arts industry, and of mail room equipment.

Colour Control - Cherlyn supplies a range of quality products to help you to achieve colour accuracy, including PANTONE Colour references, the PANTONE Formula Scales for ink mixing, colour measurement with the Ihara range of Densitometers & Spectros, and viewing lights from Agile Radiant and White Screen.

NEW Web shop -  all our colour control products can now be purchased on-line at web-only prices through our new web shop at

Choosing Colour - We are have been a main distributor of PANTONE® Publications in the UK for the past 25 years. Pantone are recognized the world over for setting colour standards and producing colour reference guides. They are universally known for the PANTONE Formula Guide, and just about every designer and printer has a copy. We now stock the latest PANTONE Goe™ System.

It should be appreciated that there are now many other publications and products from Pantone, which cover just about every aspect of colour representation. We can supply the full range of PANTONE Products, and can usually offer next day delivery anywhere in the UK. Also, from time to time we are able to bring you unique Special Offers on particular publications.

PANTONE OFFERS - Click here to receive details of any future money saving offers on PANTONE Products by email.

Mixing Ink - The PANTONE Formula Scales have been designed to simplify mixing spot colours, saving time and improving accuracy. These scales provide an accurate weighing platform, and are pre-programmed with the PANTONE Ink Formulations, so the scales do all the calculations for you, and simply step you through the mixing process.

Cherlyn have been manufacturing the PANTONE Formula Scales for over 25 years. Over this time, these scales have become standard equipment for many thousands of printers throughout the world. Latest models are pre-programmed for not only the original PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM colour range, but also the new PANTONE Goe system range, plus the Metallic and Pastel colours.

Colour Measuring Equipment - Cherlyn is now the UK distributor for the Ihara range of measuring equipment for the printing and graphic arts industry.

The high quality range of Ihara Measuring Equipment includes Colour Reflection Densitometers, Spectrophotometers and Transmission Densitometers.

Ihara instruments are typically ten times more sensitive than the human eye to colour or ink density changes, so are ideal for press control, colour specification, quality control and print buying applications.

 Viewing Colour - For visual colour assessment, matching and QC applications , we supply the Agile Radiant™ Colour Viewing Cabinets, which provide ideal lighting conditions.

We now offer the full range of White Screen Colour Viewing Equipment which includes DTP Viewers, Copy Holders, Transparency Viewers, Overhead Lighting and Proofing Stations.

Our comprehensive range provides lighting solutions for every colour viewing requirement, with a wide range of applications in many industries including graphic arts, printing, plastics, dying, fashion, etc.

Don't forget, all the above can now be purchased on-line at web-only prices through our new web shop at

Post Room Equipment - Cherlyn is the manufacturer of the MH Series Postal Scales and supplies up to date program chips.  We are also now pleased to add Francotyp-Postalia Franking Machines to complete our range of Post Room products.

Postal Scales - Cherlyn has been a leading manufacturer of price computing Postal Scales for over 20 years. In the past, these have been sold through Ascom/Hasler and Mailtronic. We can provide on-going support for all of these scales, and replacement Postal Rate Chips with new Postal Rates when necessary.

You can now buy our new MH range of Postal Scales direct. These are probably the best scales available in the UK.  They are right up to date with the latest Royal Mail and Parcelforce services, and offer new features to help you save time and money.

All Cherlyn MH series Postal Scales now support Pricing in Proportion - Royal Mail's latest pricing structure based on both size and weight.

FP Franking Machines - We are pleased to be able to offer the full range of Franking Machines from Francotyp-Postalia, which combine with our range of Postal Scales to provide a complete mailroom solution.

All user requirements are covered by the range of Franking Machines available. These can now be interfaced with the MH Series Postal Scales for automatic postage setting. There are also models suitable for a single user or very small office, together with sophisticated, modular systems capable of meeting every need.

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