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Use the Ihara T500 for measuring film output from an imagesetter, and for equipment calibration. Check film densities up to 6.0D accurately, and measure positive & negative dot areas.

  • Ihara Transmission Densitometer Model T500Reads Highest Density Films

  • Accuracy and Repeatability

  • Low Cost - Great Value

  • Compact Lightweight Design

  • Portable - Battery Powered

  • Large LCD Display

  • Easy-to-use Control Panel

  • Extended Measuring Arm

  • Light Table for Accurate Positioning

  • Printer & Computer Interface

Measuring Functions:

  • Density - up to 6.0D

  • Positive Dot Area %

  • Negative Dot Area %

Whatever your use of film, the Ihara T500 will enable you to check for proper exposure even with the highest density films up to 6.0D, ensure the development process is clean with no fogging, and measure tints accurately. Look no further than the Ihara T500 - you won' find better value or a more accurate instrument!

Many printing plates are still produced from film and for general quality control we offer the Ihara T500 Transmission Densitometer.

If something goes wrong with your plates, you need to find out what has gone wrong, and whether there is a problem with the film. You therefore need to be able to measure your film, and for this the T500 is ideal. It has the ability to measure high densities and to high accuracy to check proper exposure, and clear areas for fogging to ensure proper development. It can measure both tints on film, so you can see where dot gain errors have occurred.

Used with either the Ihara R720 or R730 Reflection Densitometers with plate reading option, you will have the ability to check the process right through from film exposure to ink on paper.

  • Proven Performance & Dependability  Made in Japan by Ihara Electronic Industries, the T500 has proven reliability and accuracy.

  • Accurate Dot Area Measurements  Read positive or negative film dot areas.

  • Broad Density Range  Accurate film density measurements up to 6.0D.

  • Compact Lightweight Design  Battery operation means the densitometer is easy to operate in any location.

  • Quick Calibration  Recalibrate the unit in seconds.

  • Instant Light Table  Lights automatically enabling you to highlight the target area quickly and easily.

  • Quick Charge  Batteries are fully recharged in only 60 - 90 minutes.

  • Extended Usage  Each charge provides hundreds of readings. The T500 automatically shuts down to extend battery life.

  • Printer & Computer Interface  RS 232 serial port links to a PC f or data storage & analysis, or to printer for hard copy.


  • Optical Design  ANSI PH2.19 (Specular Diffuse)

  • Measurement Functions  Density, Positive Dot Area, Negative Dot Area

  • Measuring Range  Density 0.00D - 6.0D, Dot Area 0% - 100%

  • Repeatability  ±0.01D (at D<4.0D, 3mm aperture)

  • Inter Instrument Agreement  ±0.02D (at D<4.0D, 3mm aperture)

  • Warm Up Time  None

  • Light Source  Halogen Lens Lamp

  • Aperture Diameter  3mm / 2mm / 1mm

  • Detector  Filter, Built-in Photodiode

  • Display  8 Character LCD

  • Power Source  AC Adaptor ( 9V, 500mA); Rechargeable Batteries (4.8V-800mAh)

  • Recharge Time  60 - 90 minutes

  • Operating Temperature Range  5ºC - 40ºC

  • Dimensions  Console: 251mm(L)x103mm(W)x87mm(H); Light Table: 80mmx70mm; Measuring Arm: 185mm.

  • Weight  1.2kg (including batteries)

  • Interface  RS-232C Serial Interface (9,600 Baud, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit)

  • Standard Accessories  Instruction Manual/Calibration Film/AC Adaptor/Apertures: 3mm (installed), 2mm, 1mm

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