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We supply a complete range of products to help you achieve accurate PANTONE® & Process Colours

Our products meet the demands of design studios, printers and print buyers for accurate colour. We only offer high quality products at attractive prices, backed by our reputation gained over 25 years supplying to the printing and graphic arts industry.

Buy PANTONE Formula Scales and Ihara Densitometers by calling our sales team direct on +44 (0) 1223 228275

PANTONE Folmula ScaleInk Mixing - When it comes to mixing up the inks to match PANTONE Colours, the PANTONE™ Formula Scales are unsurpassed. These have been proven in day to day use by thousands of printers throughout the world.

PANTONE Formula Scales are preprogrammed with the PANTONE PLUS SERIES (PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® including the 336 new colours added at DRUPA 2012), Metallics, Pastels & Neons, Premium Metallics & PANTONE Goe™ system.

Ihara R720
Colour Reflection DensitometerMeasuring Colours - Densitometers can detect differences that are much smaller than be seen by the human eye. For example, variations of ink weights on press, so you can correct before the changes are visible and reduce wastage.

We are now pleased to be the UK distributors for the range of Ihara Measuring Instruments. These units combine top quality, high specifications and low cost.

The Ihara Range includes Colour Reflection Densitometers (which can also be supplied with a plate reading option - especially useful for CTP), Spectrophotometers for measuring colour directly, and Transmission Densitometers for those still using film.

A particular advantage of instrumental measurements is the ability to use numerical readings for Quality Control, and to ensure consistency of repeat jobs.

Colour Viewing - The eye is still one of the best ways to assess colour, and the only way to get an overall impression. But as the source of the colour comes from the original lighting, it is essential to is have the correct lighting conditions.

We can also offer the full range of White Screen Colour Viewing Equipment which includes DTP Viewers, Copy Holders, Transparency Viewers, Overhead Lighting and complete Proofing Stations - top quality products at economic prices. Please contact us for details

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