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We are UK distributors for range of high quality Measuring Instruments made by Ihara Electronic Industries in Japan.

The Ihara range of Densitometers & Spectrometers has achieved a growing status in the USA, being chosen by many leading companies over competitors like Gretag Macbeth, and X-Rite. This has been on the basis of accuracy & consistency, following extensive testing.

Best of all, the Ihara units are not only easy to use, with features like on-screen prompts & help functions, but they are also attractively priced.

Ihara Densitometer Model R720Colour Reflection Densitometers: We offer a choice of a range of the units, so you can choose the one with just measuring functions you need to get the best value.

The range starts with the Model R710, which is a full colour unit, able to measure Density and Density Difference. This is ideal as a basic press control tool for setting ink densities and maintaining them across the web and through the run. It is both the easiest unit to use and the lowest cost. Used well, it will enable you to achieve the sort of quality results expected from expensive automated presses fitted with automatic ink duct control.

The next unit in the range is the Model R720 which measures Dot Area/Dot Gain in addition to the Density functions. This is the most popular unit, and will enable most common press problems to be sorted, usually associated either with ink weight variations or dot gain.

Large clear display
on the R710 Densitometer Top of the densitometer range is the Model R730, which measures just about everything you can with a densitometer including Trap, Print Contrast, Grey Balance etc. as well as the Density and Dot functions of the R720. It is ideal for most demanding print jobs or QC applications.

All of these models feature large, clear displays, with simple controls and built-in prompts and help functions, so they really are easy to use. They will measure ink on paper, usually CMYK for process printing, but can also be used for spot colour work.

An additional low cost option for all of these models is a dedicated Plate Reading function, ideal for checking control strips on conventional metal plates, and especially useful for CTP applications.

All of the units are compact and portable. They are fitted with rechargeable batteries (charger supplied) and can take thousands of readings on a full charge. Also, should it prove necessary, Models R710 & R720 can be upgraded later to provide extra measuring capabilities. For a summary of the functions available in each model, see the Selection Chart.

Ihara Spectrophotometer Model S900Portable Spectrophotometer: This small, lightweight portable spectrophotometer is designed for easy operation and high precision, for a variety of functions.

For accurate colour control, you need to be able to measure with accuracy and consistence. The Ihara Model S900 Spectrophotometer offers all the features you are ever likely to need in a convenient unit that is easy to use and attractively priced. Simple operation is achieved using the interactive screen, with menu operation, on-screen prompts and a built-in help function.

Popular measuring features used in graphic arts include the Chromaticity coordinates L*a*b* and XYZ. You can set up to 40 References and measure the error as a ΔE in any of the systems. Light sources include all popular standards such as A, C, D50, D65 etc. The S900 can also operate as a full function densitometer. So just about every aspect of  colour printing is covered.

Collected data can be passed to a computer for analysis and storage via either the built in infrared communication port (IrDA) or RS 232C serial interface.

Ihara Transmission Densitometer Model T500Transmission Densitometer: The Ihara Model T500 Transmission Densitometer is a great unit for checking film and calibrating imagesetters. It can accurately measure modern high density films up to 6.0D, with both Positive & Negative Dot functions.

The T500 features an illuminated light table for accurate positioning, and an extended measuring arm, so you can get right into the film. It is battery powered and portable, so it can be moved around to the most convenient location. You won' find better value or a more accurate instrument!

Used with either the Ihara R720 or R730 Reflection Densitometers with plate reading option, you will have the ability to check the printing process right through from film exposure to ink on paper.

The Ihara product range offers high quality, great measuring accuracy and repeatability, combined with ease of use and great value for money.

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