Colour Viewing Equipment

Cherlyn now offers a wide range of Colour Viewing Equipment for accurate colour assessment - including Agile Radiant™ and White Screen

The appearance of colour is produced by the interaction of the incident light and the pigments and dyes in the object being viewed. Both the spectral content of the light, and frequencies that are absorbed by the pigments affect the perceived colour. So lighting is important, and in the case of both natural lighting and artificial lighting, the nature of the light source can vary dramatically.

Even with natural daylight there are changes. The blue content is high at noon on a clear, bright day, but towards sunset the intensity is much lower and the red content higher. What is needed for colour assessment is consistent and known lighting conditions. Also, the light should be at a high intensity, with neutral grey background so that it doesn't affect colour judgment.

The range of offered by Cherlyn provides ideal lighting conditions for just about every requirement.

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Agile Variant Colour Viewing Cabinet
Model CVC5-2EColour Selection - When comparing sample colours, or choosing from a range such as PANTONE Colours, whether solid or process, it is important to have consistent viewing conditions, and a range of Light Sources. The Agile Radiant™ Colour Viewing Cabinets to meet just these criteria.

For most applications, the Model CVC3-2E will be an ideal choice.  Fitted with Artificial Daylight D65 for critical colour matching, plus TL 84 Storelight and Tungsten Incandescent Home Light to detect metameric effects and simulate final lighting conditions, it meets most requirements.

A more sophisticated unit is available, with five light sources. This is the Model CVC5-2E. In addition to the three sources described above, it provides an alternative Artificial Daylight at 5000K, and a UV source to detect the presence of fluorescent materials, e.g. in papers and inks - especially security inks.

White screen DTP Viewer
Model 520.152Design - In an ideal design situation, colours seen on a screen will be the same as those viewed in the original and a proof. These conditions could only be dreamed about just a few years ago, but now can be achieved at very little cost.

The White Screen DTP Viewers and Copy Holders can sit alongside your design stations, with dimmable illumination at 5000K to match the screens, so that originals, proofs etc. can be viewed in almost identical conditions to the on-screen designs.

When working with film, displays can be backlit, or you can have a separate Transparency Viewer.

For colour correction of the screens, use the low cost PANTONE Monitor Calibrators. These work with both conventional CRT displays, and backlit LCD's.

White Screen
Symmetric Overhead Light Model 30.113Overhead Lighting - We can supply a range of White Screen Overhead Lighting which will be ideal for placing at the end of the press, or over an inspection table.

Models are available with symmetric illumination which would be placed directly overhead. Also, available are asymmetric versions for use with a sloping inspection table, and would be placed above and slightly behind the observer. For very large press sheets, asymmetric wall lights are available.

White Screen
Proof Station Model 37.404Proof Stations - As a more comprehensive solution for both inspection and storage, we can supply a range of White Screen Proof Viewing Stations.

Proof Stations can be assembled from a range of standard components to provide the size of viewing area, illumination and storage requirements for specific applications.

The working area can be flat or tilted, and an optional transparency viewer can be included if required. Storage can be in the form of drawers and cupboard, or multiple drawers. Bases can be combined to produce larger units, or to provide increased storage.

Models start at A3 size, and an arrangement like Model 37.404 illustrated on the left would be typical. This model has an Asymmetric Overhead Proof Light, with built in hour meter, viewing surface with variable inclination, and storage below in an open shelf, storage drawer, and two door cupboard.

Colours are neutral silver grey in the viewing area, with complementary anthracite grey doors and drawer front.

Standard popular arrangements are available, as in the illustration, or systems can be built to order.

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