FP MyMail Franking Machine

Compact desktop franking machine

FP Franking Machine
Model: MymailThe new MyMail digital desktop franking machine brings all the convenience and prestige of an office franking machine to the desktop.

MyMail is smart and practical - you can even have integrated weighing scales. Above all, it is amazingly compact.

The low cost and small size means even the smallest office can now enjoy the benefits of a personal franking machine.

MyMail does more for you and your mail

Franking Output Detail
Model: MymailIt's not just a matter of saving time messing about with stamps, MyMail adds professionalism to your office mail. Your mail goes out with your own advertising slogan.

The memory allows you to store up to 10 frequently used postage settings for instant recall. You can even log postage costs into 3 different accounts, to allow separate charging for departments or individual users. 

FP Chip Card
Model: MymailWhen you need more money for postage, no problem. It's loaded by modem over a telephone line.

What does an envelope or package weigh? How much is the postage? The optional integrated weighing scale provides the answers. It can weigh up to 2 kg, and compute prices exactly for the most popular services.

A chipcard makes MyMail totally flexible. It can be used for loading new meter ads, or to update postal rates for changes.

MyMail is an ideal entry level franking machine for the smaller office. If your daily throughput is in the region of 20 - 100 items, look at the OptiMail franking machine. If your problems are more related to working out postage costs through the maze of Royal Mail and Parcelforce rates and services, our range of digital price-computing Postal Scales can help.

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