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The Cherlyn MH Series Postal Scales are microprocessor based digital weighing scales, ready programmed with Royal Mail & Parcelforce service information and rates, which automatically compute postage costs.

Current models are capable of interfacing to existing Ascom/Hasler franking machines and the latest range of Francotyp-Postalia franking machines to automatically set the postage value. Following the introduction of Channel Pricing, franking machines can be automatically set to the Discounted Postage Cost, offering significant savings for businesses. This is especially so, now that Channel Pricing has been extended to many Inland and Overseas Services.

Cherlyn Mailsaver Postal Scale
Model MH520Cherlyn has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we were the first to introduce a Postal Scale with Country selection.  Our latest Postal Scales are right up to date with the very latest Royal Mail and Parcelforce services, like the new Airsure options. Accurate weighing, combined with up to date service information ensures accurate postage on all items.

These new models are the best yet with a host of sophisticated features. They are really easy to use, and above all they are designed to save money!Cherlyn Mailsaver Postal Scale
Model MH530

For general office use and smaller postrooms with limited parcels requirements, we offer the MH 520 Postal Scale. This covers all Royal Mail services and options. It features single key selection of all services, so it is really easy to operate and to shop around for the best rates.

The MH 530 Postal Scale covers all Royal Mail and Parcelforce services and service options. It is particularly suited to companies who have a greater proportion of mixed mail, letters and parcels, or send any parcels overseas. This model has been named 'Best Buy' by 'What to Buy for Business' magazine in its latest survey.

A key feature of this model is the Mailsaver function, which will show a full list of lower cost services, taking full account of the destination Country and Zone. Often, savings can be substantial, even using a faster service!

To back up our Postal Scales, we can also offer an all inclusive maintenance agreement, covering both repairs and all Postal Rate changes.

What can Postal Scales do for you?

Everyone sends items through the mail, and without a scale, you probably just guess at the postage or waste time at your local post office.

Royal Mail Excess Charge LabelWhat happens when you have a multi-page document to send to a client in New York? Can you have the package signed for, or compensation if it is lost? How long will it take to get there? What is the cheapest method of sending? Cherlyn Postal Scales will tell you the answers to all these questions in a matter of seconds and give you the exact postage required.

Compare this with pouring over the Royal Mail & Parcelforce tables of services, options and delivery destinations, then weighing the package and looking up the price in the tables. If you get it wrong, the item may never arrive - it will certainly be delayed and your client may have to pay a penalty!

We can provide complete solutions with Cherlyn Postal Scales linked to Francotyp-Postalia Franking Machines, which are then set automatically, and you get any franking discount available automatically. It can dramatically improve your efficiency and save you money.

Older Models

Cherlyn has been manufacturing the MH Series Postal Scales since 1982, and still supports all products with new Postal Rate Chips whenever there is a change to Postal Rates. Click Postal Rate Chips to see the full list of Models for which these are available. Cherlyn is pleased to confirm that Pricing in Proportion and Channel Pricing discounts are incorporated in updates for ALL Cherlyn MH Series Postal Scales - including all older models no longer in current production.

If you have one of our older Postal Scales, you will need a NEW RATE CHIP.

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