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MH Postal Scale Rate Chips

Cherlyn has been manufacturing MH Series Postal Scales for over 30 years, and we can still support all of our older models with updated Rate Chips. In the past, these scales may have been supplied branded as Ascom, Ascom Hasler, Hasler or Mailtronic.

NEW RATE CHIPS - If you have an MH Series Postal Scale, and will need a New Rate Chip, please contact your regular supplier or register with us here for update notificaitons.

Models Supported - The chart below shows the full list of Postal Scales which we manufactured and can supply Postal Rate Chips:

Models Cherlyn Mailsaver Ascom / Hasler Mailtronic
MH 14  
MH 18  
MH 19  
MH 33  
MH 34  
MH 30 / MHX 30  
MH 31 / MHX 31  
MH 120    
MH 121    
MH 122    
MH 140    
MH 141    
MH 142    
MH 340    
MH 341    
MH 342    
MH 520  
MH 530  
MH 540  
MH 730  


31 March 2014 - Royal Mail have announced increases to Inland First & Second Class post, together with wide ranging price changes to other services.  Parcelforce Worldwide are also making changes to prices.

For details on the operation of older scales, see updated Operating Manuals.

Further information is available on the Royal Mail website

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