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Brief History

Cherlyn Electronics Limited was formed in 1972, and was part of the initial high tech industrial growth around Cambridge, now often referred to as the Cambridge Phenomenon.

Initially, we produced electronic control equipment for production and packaging lines. You may not have heard of Cherlyn before, but if you have eaten a Kit Kat in the past 25 - 30 years, the chances are that the machine that produced it had an electronic control unit supplied by us. Our many customers include such well known names as Rowntree Mackintosh (now part of Nestlé), Manor Bakeries (Mr Kipling) and Pedigree Petfoods (part of Mars Group).

With the advent of microprocessors, we carried out software development for other companies. We also developed specialized weighing equipment, which has been supplied to the likes of Tesco and Express Dairies.

Postal Scales

Old MH33 and MH14 Postal ScalesIn 1982, we launched the groundbreaking MH range of digital electronic Postal Scales. These were revolutionary at the time, using a load cell weight transducer and built in microprocessor. This meant we could offer a robust, low maintenance price computing scale. We were also first to offer Country selection, so that international parcel services could be correctly priced. These early Postal Scales were supplied through Mailtronic and Ascom/Hasler.

This innovation has continued. Our new MH series Postal Scales are right up to date with a host of advanced features. You will be pleased to learn that we now supply the scales direct.

PANTONE® Formula Scales™

PANTONE Formula Scale 3 Printshop LCShortly afterwards, in 1983, we started to produce the PANTONE  Formula Scales under license for Pantone, Inc. These solved the problem of how to quickly and accurately mix up printing inks to match PANTONE Colours. Many thousands of these scales have been sold worldwide, and are in routine use.

The very latest models, PANTONE Formula Scale 3 are equally innovative. They include many new features and are now even easier to use. As the PANTONE Colour Ranges have developed, so to have the scales, which are programmed for all solid PANTONE Colours, now including metallics, pastels and fluorescents. Latest models even allow you to program in your own colour mixes.

Colour Control

In the UK, we now supply a full range of products related to colour measurement and control, including the full range of PANTONE Products and Ihara Measuring Instruments.

It is a testament to the quality of our products, that many units manufactured by us in the 1980's are still in routine use. Today, we are continuing to develop and improve our products, while still offering the quality and service you would expect from a British company.

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